We  offer 4 different varieties of suet. All are based on our original peanut butter suet recipe.  Ingredients in this recipe are all sourced organically and include cornmeal, whole wheat flour, quick oats, sunflower butter, organic palm shortening and peanut butter. We are very committed to using the best ingredients available to us for the health of your birds and our planet. If you have any questions or comments we can be reached at 

We normally ship once a week  on wednesday, more often if we happen to get to town an extra time or two during the week.

Hello Bird Lovers, Hope the winter season has treated you and your birds all well!! Looking forward to spring showing up and warmer weather returning! Thanks as always for choosing our suet. Enjoying another great season making healthy, delicious treats for your feathered friends! Much joy and happiness to you all!! Enjoy the Birds!!


Original Peanut Butter Suet
Our basic suet is our straight peanut butter suet, nothing fancy, just a taste that the birds love.

12-pack of Original Peanut Butter Suet. $36.00

36-pack of Original Peanut Butter Suet. $108.00

Raisin Suet
Suet with raisins to give your birds a little burst of dried fruit energy on a cold winter day.

12-pack of Raisin Suet. $36.00

36-pack of Raisin Suet. $108.00

Millet Suet
Suet with millet added, a favorite for Juncos and Sparrows.

12-pack of Millet Suet. $36.00

36-pack of Millet Suet. $108.00

Mixed Suet

12 or 4 each of PB, Millet and Raisin.

12-pack of Mixed Suet. $36.00

36-pack of Mixed Suet. $108.00

NEW!! Paprika Suet

By popular request we now offer a squirrel resistant variety. We are now on batch 6!! AND so far the squirrels are winning, who knew they liked it spicy! We have made each batch hotter and batch 7 will be the spiciest yet, maybe it will hit the squirrels limit! We would love to hear your feedback with this product while we adjust it to make it as squirrel proof as possible.

12 pack of Paprika suet. $36.00