We  offer 3 different varieties of suet. All are based on our original peanut butter suet recipe.  Ingredients in this recipe are all sourced organically and include cornmeal, whole wheat flour, quick oats, palm shortening and peanut butter. We are very committed to using the best ingredients available to us for the health of your birds and our planet.

Hi Folks! We are now open to all orders!!  Look forward to another great winter of making suet and keeping you and your birds happy!!  



Mixed Suet
4 raisin, 4 millet and 4 Peanut Butter.

12-pack of Mixed Suet. $30.00

12 raisin, 12 Millet, 12 Peanut Butter

36-pack of Mixed Suet. $90.00


Original Peanut Butter Suet
Our basic suet is our straight peanut butter suet, nothing fancy, just a taste that the birds love.

4-pack of Original Peanut Butter Suet. $10.00

12-pack of Original Peanut Butter Suet. $30.00

36-pack of Original Peanut Butter Suet. $90.00


Raisin Suet
Suet with raisins to give your birds a little burst of dried fruit energy on a cold winter day.

4-pack of Raisin Suet. $10.00

12-pack of Raisin Suet. $30.00

36-pack of Raisin Suet. $90.00


Millet Suet
Suet with millet added, a favorite for Juncos and Sparrows.

4-pack of Millet Suet. $10.00

12-pack of Millet Suet. $30.00

36-pack of Millet Suet. $90.00


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