We  offer 3 different varieties of suet. All are based on our original peanut butter suet recipe.  Ingredients in this recipe are all sourced organically and include cornmeal, whole wheat flour, quick oats, sunflower butter, organic palm shortening and peanut butter. We are very committed to using the best ingredients available to us for the health of your birds and our planet.

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another fall season with cooler days on the horizon the birds are ready for a little extra burst of tasty energy!! We have just finished the first batch of suet are working to get the freezer full and a good backup on hand. We are opening up to mixed 12 packs today and will be open for all types and the 36 packs in a couple days!  Thank you all for choosing to feed our suet and thank your birds for loving it!! Wishing you all a joyful, healthful fall season! Enjoy the birds!!


Mixed Suet
4 raisin, 4 millet and 4 Peanut Butter.

12-pack of Mixed Suet. $33.00